Year 2022

Year 2022

The year has started out !!!


Published on Jan 5, 2022

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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹,

I welcome you to the year 2022, Happy New Year โœจ.

The year has started out and we hope to see this year more productive than the concluded year, but how can this be achieved ๐Ÿค” ?

That's what we would be addressing in this blog, if you are interested ๐Ÿ˜€, join me in this journey ๐Ÿš€.

Tips For a More Productive Year

Here are the tips to making your year more productive than the last year.

- Evaluate your journey in the just concluded year.

  • What were your plans last year?
  • What were you able to achieve and what did you not?
  • What acted as a stoppage and how did you go about it? and many more.

Then, use this as a major factor to influence your plans for the year.

- Set weekly goals(milestones) and timeline.

We do have yearly resolutions and plans but to make it achievable, it is advisable to also set weekly goals as a subset of yearly resolutions because this makes one more conscious and intentional. So, also adding timelines convert your goals to targets. This makes you focused based on the time frame for achieving more in the course of the year.

- Commitment, Dedication and Consistency.

These three words aforementioned are somehow similar and related in a way. These are keys to achieving goals in life. Having these as a soft skill tends to make one easily meet up with the goals intended. No one can have a 100% of these skills but it has to be proposed and measured proportional to the targets intended.

- Keep track of your goals.

As the year 2022 starts and runs out, keep evaluating and tracking your progress in contrast to your goals. This spurs you into action and the consciousness of what you are to do according to the timeline.

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Bye ๐Ÿ‘‹

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