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Yes, age of either been young or old is not a parameter to success, although one has advantages than the other.

Why start now?

There is a popular saying "the earlier the better", yes this is ultimately correct. I want to buttress on this a little. In the sense of possibility, if you start earlier than everyone else, you should have learned a whole lot and when the time of showing forth comes, there should be no doubt in whom the winner should be. If you embark on a journey of five hours, two hours earlier before others, you should get to the destination first.

Starting late doesn't make one a failure, failure is failing to take a step and time is not a parameter to success but it is the effort and sacrifice invested into it. Starting late can just be a limitation but not a qualification to success.

I have experienced this twice on different occasions and this has shut me off some opportunities and has limited my tentacle in some areas. This makes achievements and visions take longer time to be brought into reality even has at when due. If you feel you are too young to start, be careful this can grow to been a critique procrastination and when it turns out to be like this, it has the power to kill dreams and vision making them null and void.

I feel there is a need for me to put this down; that you started early does not mean you will make it. One can start the journey first and at the end of the day be the last, I have seen young people who started early and failed and old people who also ventured into same but came out a success but this doesn't justify why you shouldn't start now.

The key to success is leveled on the pattern of your hard-work, commitment and consistency. If you start now and these aforementioned is present, I bet you, You a great success.

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