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Yes, why do i need a blog account? I am a developer not a blogger, i write codes not blogs. OK, well said. Developers write codes not blogs and i never said writing blogs are necessary but having a blog account. It is very necessary, and why? Let's dive into this a bit deeper;

  • Most top developers have and write blogs, do not misinterpret me, I'm not saying that is a parameter for being a top developer. What i mean is that the more they write, the more they teach; the more they teach the, more they get feedbacks; the more they get feedbacks, the more they learn; and the more they learn, the better they become. Brood on this.....
  • Let's leave the aspect of having or writing blogs but discuss why you need a blog account. Yes, you are a developer but being able to learn daily makes you a real developer. As a developer, your career is a "never ending learning process", if you need to learn more about this click here. If you want to be better at what you do, you've got to read documentations, blogs, eBooks etc because it contains of resources like (advice, motivations, experience and so on) which you can get from your tutorials. So, having a blog account will help you access these resources for free or paid based on the platform.

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