What is Opensource🤔??

What is Opensource🤔??

An Introduction of Opensource


Published on Jan 13, 2022

3 min read

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Hey there 👋,

This piece of writing would be enlightening you on Opensource, as follows:

  • What is Opensource?
  • Why should I venture into Opensource?
  • How to have the right mindset about Opensource?
  • How can I venture into Opensource?

Shall we begin 🚀 ??

Firstly, What is Opensource?

As a techie, the word OPENSOURCE shouldn't be new to you. You might have heard it from other fellow techies, read about it or come across it on social media etc.

I would be explaining this in its simplest form so that both the newbies and experienced would flow at the same pace.

Opensource is as its name implies means anything that is made free and available for contributions and use. The word "anything" as used makes opensource wide, which is true. Opensource is beyond source codes, tech projects, it can be writing publications, designing, documentation and many more.

Opensource in a layman definition is the collaboration of like-minded people in solving a problem, coming up with a solution or pursuing a common goal.

Why should I venture into Opensource?

Why should I? Yes, this is a good question that should be answered. Here are the reasons why you should venture into Opensource and its benefit:

  • You tend to meet and connect with developers more skilled than you, whom you can learn from. You can be fortunate to also get a mentor or mentorship.
  • You tend to learn more by getting your hands dirty. Finding issues and solving them out.
  • There is also the probability of getting a job, gigs and recommendations.
  • It would help in improving your communication skills.
  • An audience can also be built through opensource. etc

How to have the right mindset about Opensource?

Your mindset has a large role play in whatever you do, so also in opensource.

Here are the tips to help:

  • Opensource is beyond coding.
  • Collaboration is key in opensource
  • You don't have to be a developer before contributing to opensource
  • Everyone started as an opensource newbie, so start from somewhere
  • You don't have a learn all GIT commands to start contributing
  • Opensource is a platform for learning and growth, so see it as one

How can I venture into Opensource?

  • As a developer, you should have a GitHub account. If you don't, you can create an account here
  • Find a community around your interest field
  • Search for issues, problems and bugs, try to solve
  • Come up with ideas, share them out and implement it
  • If you see anything confusing, do well to ask people and make researches

In addition, resources to venture into Opensource as a developer.

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Bye 👋

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