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Hello my "co-developer", this blog is here to make you prepared for this year if not and if prepared, this blog is also here to get you more prepared and better than how your journey was last year.


Firstly, do you have a plan? Yes, that’s a question you need to answer for yourself and by yourself. If you are to embark on a journey you would plan ahead and make preparations towards it for a smooth and fast journey, you would never do this on the day of the journey because of what it will cost you. So also, this is applicable in your career as a developer, the days, months and years all make up your career because that is the time of preparation. If you ever fail in a year or a month it will tell on your career.

So do you have plans if no, you can still take steps to blot out this mistake, it is never too late. Your plans can be likened to your dream, what you want to do and this is the pattern on which you would do things and also this a method to track your progress.

Make your plans and document them in order not to start with failure as this year runs because failure is failing to take a step. Take a step, make your plans and work towards it. Your plans can determine your future!


Okay I assume you will make your plans or you already have one, the next thing to do is to stick to the plan. Follow your plans the way you have drafted it out and the only excuse for not following it as intended should be because it didn’t workout as intended/expected due to circumstances and there is no issue modifying it.

For you to stick to the plan, you need this;

  • Discipline: For a man been bent on his words is one of the difficult things we find hard to do. This a virtue that can not be neglected for success to be achieved. You will have to deny yourself and make some grave sacrifices for this plan to be achieved.

  • Commitment/Dedication: This is been determined to work out the plans despite challenges and circumstances because it's never going to be easy. Committing yourself to the plans gives it more value and makes it so important that you would never break it.

  • Focus: When you are personally focused and aiming to achieve your goals, you would find it a bit easier to follow your plans. You being focused will make you give this point you would not see the problems and the negative circumstances, you would only see yourself achieving the goals.

  • Consistency: This is all about you taking a step daily no matter how tight your schedule is. This is all about continuity and making progress. Even when you keep failing, you never give just want to keep on going. Consistency prevents procrastination and keeps you executing your plans everyday till it becomes a reality.

  • Prepare ahead again: After making your plans you need to also make preparations that can aid the execution of your plans. Always plan ahead over any plans you want to achieve. More importantly plan thoroughly, think through before the day before the execution. ^ Hint...Execute how you want to do it in our mind and you would find out how simple it would be.

  • Make the plan real: Make a real plan…what do i mean by making your plans real? Make plans you know you can achieve, make sure it is something attainable. You know yourself and also know your abilities, so never deceive yourself to the extent of making plans you know you can't achieve. I am not saying you shouldn’t dream big but make sure you have enough capacity to contain such.

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