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The mindset🤔 of a man👨 is who he is, because no man is ever greater than his thought💭. The mindset geared towards➡ anything both great and small mostly determine how successful🎉 it will ever become.

Mindset has a great role to play in the journey🏁 of man in all ramifications, but this will be nailed📌 to the journey of a man as a developer.

THE DEVELOPER MINDSET; If a developer👨‍💻 fails to have this embedded in him/her, failure❌ has already began from the taking-off🚀 of the journey🏁.

📌Firstly, a developer👨‍💻 is not just a writer of codes but a problem solver. You've got to write less code and discover👁 elegant solution to tasks.

📌See codes like human beings👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who are prone to making mistake❓, striving to walk🚶‍♂️ through challenges slowly at their own pace. This said above is an illustration✔ to how codes work📍(codes circle⭕).

📌The best strategy is to prepare to fail well ❌ but not giving up💪. Bugs🐛 would surely appear in your codes but you need to unravel👁 what and where things have gotten wrong❌

📌Knowing that coding is all about trial❓, error❗ and challenging💪 yourself to achieve complicatedヾ(≧▽≦*)o, intellectual🤔 and demanding things.

📌Take this out⛔ from your mind 🤔; hmm, i have been coding for years. Stop that🚫, never stop learning📖

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