Software Developers 👨‍💻 Software Engineers Part 1

Software Developers 👨‍💻 Software Engineers Part 1


Published on Mar 2, 2021

4 min read

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Hello, we would all be learning the differences between been software developers and engineers.

This a common question being asked by techies, newbies especially. So, reading this blog should meet your doubt and give you the right understanding!


  • Who is a software engineer?
  • Details on software engineering
  • The complete process of software development
  • Who is a software developer?
  • Details on software developing

Who is a software engineer?

A software engineer is a computer science professional who uses the knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to solve problems and build software products.

Details on software engineering

Software engineering is about collaboration and team-work activities i.e. working with other engineers on different components to build a system. Software engineers are involved in the complete process of building a product.

The complete process of software development

  1. Brainstorming and planning: It all starts with a great idea. but any idea needs to be carefully thought over to be implemented. Meticulous planning is the initial and one of the core phases of software development or product development as it presupposes determining the scope of the project.
  2. The output of the planning stage entails this:

    • Project plan
    • Schedule
    • Cost estimation and
    • Procurement requirements

  3. Requirements and feasibility analysis: During this phase of the software development process, the project is defined in detail and the analysis of the project’s feasibility is carried out.
  4. Feasibility analysis displays all the technical and economical aspects impacting the application development processes, like:

    • Time
    • Resources and
    • Tasks and involvement estimates from the team members which helps to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) and determine project cost and profit.

  5. Design and Prototyping: This makes use of the established pattern of software architecture i.e. the detailed software architecture meeting specific project requirements. The whole structure of the project is built with the final prototype and mockups used for the next stages of the software development process.
  6. The output here includes:

    • The design documents
    • The design and components fixed for the project
    • Codes for the prototype

    The second part of this blog would be published out on the 9th of March(this month) and it will entail:

    • The remaining four processes of software development

    Till then

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