My HNGi8 X I4G Internship Goals.


Published on Aug 16, 2021

1 min read

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Hello everyone, my name is Olanrewaju Alaba, a full-stack developer, I use HTML, CSS, Django, Python, SQLite, Bootstrap to build. In this blog/ article I would be sharing my goals been a participant of the HNG internship.

I've got to have known about the HNG Internship due to the positive stories I've heard from people (developers).

So, I had it in mind to have an experience of the internship this year and I'm happy to have started and decided to join the Backend track for this 8-week internship by registering, using this link I'm actually at the Internship for some reasons, which are my goals.

My Goals

  • To grow my skillset been a developer by building projects
  • Been able to relate with others, especially as a team with a vision or goal. My relationship skills
  • More job opportunities. I hope to be a finalist of this Internship, so I can have this as an experience and also add it to my resume.
  • Meet and connect with like-minded and passionate developers for future collaborations.

These are resources to learning

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