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Hacking codes is something a real developer should be able to do, why?

Hacking codes a necessity as developers

This contains all procedures needed to be good at coding. As we all know, programmers codes and in coding you've got to debug, hacking of codes has all these, embedded in it and even beyond.

Hacking of codes is more difficult to accomplish than coding and debugging, that was why I concluded that a developer must learn how to hack codes for proficient, efficient and effective result in their respective field.

What is "hacking codes" ?

Hacking of codes is the ability to read and understand codes in order to make reforms and replacement according to your desires output, and this also includes process of thinking and debugging. Let's dive into this a bit.....

Hacking of codes entails these;

1. Reading and understanding of codes;

For you to work on something(code), you need to understand what it is all about. This process, is the first of all before any other thing as far has hacking codes is the subject matter. You must read and understand the codes to know what you need to reform or replace to suite your desire and intention.

2. Reforming and replacement of codes;

This also is important, this is where the hacking really takes place. The hacking is being able to reform the code from its original structure, algorithm and function to the version intended and this will demand for a lot of thinking through and debugging. It is just like manufacturing a raw material(original code) to its finished product ( intended version), imagine the process that will be undergone for the success of the product.

Hacking a code is two times more than writing a code. So if you can hack codes well, you would be very good at algorithms and programming at large.

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