How Do You Stop Procrastination? 👨‍💻💭

How Do You Stop Procrastination? 👨‍💻💭


Published on Feb 23, 2021

3 min read

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Let’s be honest. We all procrastinate 😅

And it’s THE WORST when we have important matters to attend to and we get in our own way, either intentionally or unintentionally, of executing. do we break out of this type of habit and set our sights on maximum productivity? Well....I certainly don’t know the answer , But I feel there are few strategies that can be of help :

1️⃣ Have close associates, colleagues, and business partners to keep you accountable —

It’s important that these actually be to help you. Not “reviews.” Not evaluations. These should be honest touch point meetings to yield growth amongst peers. Like accountability buddies. It’s amazing to grow with others and unconditionally support one another.

2️⃣ Be decisive on what’s in your control —

When you’re deciding between options, can you say yes/no right there on the spot? Double guessing yourself leads to lost time and exhaustion. So it’s important to make quick decisions and make it happen as often as you can.

3️⃣ You have to believe in the success you are working towards —

If you can see the pieces aligning together, this will give you the confidence to trust yourself and not delay.

4️⃣ Be careful with how much data/feedback you let bubble your influence —

Feedback is just data and it can be on target, an anomaly, informative, vague, etc. Make sure you understand what you need and who can actually help you get from 0-10.

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